Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm THAT Mom!

I have been reading this impromptu Blog Carnival, posted by Melissa, and decided to join in the fun!

I am THAT Mom:
*The one who lets her 5 yr old watch movies about magic, witches, Buddhism, zombies. real life looking dinosaurs, and shark attacks because I know that she has an imagination that needs nurturing and she LOVES it!
* The mom who has no problem sitting in the dirt digging for worms in the rain, even though I have my favorite jeans on. 
* The calm on the outside mom who is trying to wrangle my kids plus my "borrowed" kids at the beach, because it is more important that they get outside time and sensory activity than me have my sanity.
*The one who serves lunches in muffin tins, bento boxes, and enjoys making rainbow pancakes just because they are pretty! 
* The mom who tries to be calm like Buddha, crafty like Martha, and awesome like SuperNanny (because she reforms parents not kids!), but has a long way to go on all of the above. 
* That mom who is standing up for herself and her rights to birth her way, despite the protests of the mainstream medical community and even friends. Not only defying "orders" but happily educating others and blogging about it the whole time! 



Melissa said...

Love it! (except for the supernanny one. She is not someone that I personally desire to emulate).
We were just digging in the mud today too! So much fun!

Connie Krebs said...

Lol, I was referring to her lovely ability to help parents stop abusing their kids through various means, not the discipling the kids part!

Jennifer said...

I <3 you and your 'that mom' ways :)

ps.. i also <3 supernanny, so please fill me in on what she is doing wrong cuz i've kinda been modeling my newbie mom disciplining after her.. oopsie??

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