Saturday, July 10, 2010

Can Someone Just Buy This Store for Me?

Through the years I have discovered that when left to my own devices and an unlimited spending account I tend to shop in stores that are a bit funky, kitchy, and functional. I don't have many things lying about without a purpose, but the things that I do have are not... well, normal.

For instance, instead of a normal toothbrush holder,  all of our brushes and toothpastes are held in small pretty aqua colored buckets on the wall under the mirror. Instead of keeping my jewelry in a box, I have a cool looking branch in a recycled glass jar that my earrings and necklaces hang off of. So when I discovered Mod Cloth I was stunned, delighted, and hid my wallet so I wouldn't bankrupt my family!

Here are some things that I love... please feel free to buy anything here for me for whatever reason you want to make up!

1. Your Friend, Necklace- $15.99
2. Big Fish Umbrella- $27.99
3. Pass the Peas Salt and Pepper Shaker- $21.99
4. I'm a Little Teapot- $44.99
5. Experimental Decor Bud Vase- $23.99
6. Lemon Peel Flat- $27.99
7. Cherry Valance Dress- $99.99
8. Washing & Hoping & Dreaming Dish Rack- $42.99


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