Monday, April 28, 2008

The Many Faces of Gabby

I love taking pictures of Gabby. Not to say that I don't like taking pictures of AJ too, it is just that AJ has two moods: happy and not so happy. Gabby is at the age where she doesn't hide any emotions. She has this huge range of emotions and, like me. she wears them all on her face. She can go from excited to sad to silly in 2.5 seconds, sometimes with no reason at all. She is also experimenting with how her face looks in the mirror which is leading to even more faces. Gabby is very adept at reading people's emotions too, she is great at knowing what kind of mood I am in. (To Klint's horror she has started asking, "What's wrong?" when she thinks someone is mad or upset!) As I said, I love taking her picture and catching all these different faces of my Gabby!
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