Thursday, October 29, 2009


Gabby and her friend Shannon...
maybe it is just the mommy in me, but aren't these ladies gorgeous?
I love Shannon's beautiful blue eyes and Gabby's sunny smile to match her hair...
heart breakers in the making!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Dream Home.... sigh!

Can you tell I like the color turquoise?
These photos and much much more can be found here!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Potty Time! Excellent!

So AJ has really started taking an interest in going potty. We had a really easy time of it with Gabby, she just trained herself one day when she was about two and a half. We really can't take credit for her success in the potty arena. But, realizing that are girls are so different, we decided to take a different approach with AJ.

First we had her practice wiping herself, a very important thing if you are a little girl! Then we had her sit on the potty when we went, so she can see what we do. AJ actually had a few successful trips to the potty this way. So this weekend we decided on Sunday to just let her go around in a tee shirt and undies, so that she can feel what an accident feels like and get the idea more of pulling panties up and down. (We did try Pull-Ups, but they are too close to diapers for her to get the idea enough). And what a day! In the morning there were a lot of accidents and I was thanking my lucky stars that we had hard wood floors. But, the afternoon was accident free, which I consider to be a VERY good indication that we are on the right track.

Later today, after nap time, we will resume Panty Time in Casa de Krebs! Hopefully, more updates to follow!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Print & Give- Halloween Lunchbox Notes

I love putting little notes in Gabby and Klint's lunchboxes, just little notes to remind them how much I appreciate them and miss them when they are away. Here is a printable for this upcoming week with 5 Halloween themed notes, just a little something extra to celebrate this spooky season! Hope your loved one likes them as much as mine do!!

download the full sized edition here

Friday, October 23, 2009

The List 2.3

It seems like it has been awhile since I posted a list... there is so much going on with Halloween here, holidays coming up, and the weather changing I guess time got away from me! Here are some really cool links to projects, decor, party ideas, and more!

Poetry is fun as it is with kids, but I think this cute list poetry would be really fun with Gabby, especially since she is on a zombie kick! (@ Let's Explore)

It is early to be thinking about Christmas, but I might want to get a jump start on this adorable wooden spool advent calendar... (@ Just Something I Made)

We love dressing up in costumes around here, but sometimes all you need is a mask and tail to transform into that favorite woodland critter! (@ Oeuf)

With Christmas only 9 weeks away I am not only thinking about gift giving but also charitable giving. Here are some great ideas to get you started on a very charitable holiday season with your family!  (@ Simple Mom)

Now that the weather is a bit chillier I know that I am going to have to have some tricks up my sleeve to keep all my little ones busy. This DIY Chair Tent would be perfect and looks so easy! (@ Instructables)

We have a Japanese platform bed and Gabby wants one too, but I love the look of a headboard. This is why these wall sticker headboards are a easy, cheap, and fun solution! (@ Blik)  ---->

If I was going to throw a monster bash I hope it would have food like this one!! (@ A Home Grown Life)

Leave it to Jill to not only make a cute homemade playhouse for her son, Oscar, but to do it so beautifully with felt! I wish I had sewing skills like these!! (@ Homemade by Jill)

Currently we are having Nerf Sword battles at our house... but I think if my family (especially the hubby) had their hands on these marshmallow guns, I would have to duck and seek cover more often! (@ FangleTronics)

If you thought all embroidery was about girly cuteness think again... total hotness in thread here...mmmm (@ Feeling Stitchy)

As the mommy of a biter, hiter, and toy taker I think that these "I'm sorry my kid is naughty" cards are a much needed addition to my stationary! (@ Tan-ja-reen)

Well that is it folks! Hope you have a lovely evening!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Apples to Apples

(pics courtesy of Melissa!)

Yesterday we went apple picking at an awesome orchard about 30 mins south of Cleveland. I am seriously a HUGE fan of this particular farm- Pick N Save. Not only do they have an enormous selection of apple trees, but the prices are beyond reasonable, they have a beautiful Friesian horse who loves to be fed apples, and there are even honey hives and chickens to look at! (Yes, I am a city girl and yes, chickens intrigue me!)

Last time AJ and I went with some great friends we got about 11 lbs of apples... and ate them all in 2 weeks. So this time around we got almost 20 lbs to cook, snack on, and make into lovely desserts! AJ loves picking apples, especially the bitty ones that she fondly calls her "baby apples". I love the realness of it all, the smells of the fallen fruit, and knowing exactly where they have come from. I was unaware that apples you get in the grocery store are actually LAST year's apples.... ugh! No wonder they have to color, wax, and chemical the heck out of them!

So look forward to some posts about apple crisp, apple dumplings, and such.... oh and be sure to send some links to YOUR favorite recipes my way!!! (20 lbs is a LOT of apples!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Doing the Unthinkable

Today I started running... and knowing me and the fact that if I don't have some real motivation to keep at it I will wuss out, I started a new blog documenting the journey from now until June 2010 when I hope to reach my goal of cutting my jean size in half. Come check it out, give me some encouragement because heaven knows I will need it, and feel free to leave some running tips and tricks! Presenting Chubby Chick Running!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swapping My Designs!

Have any of you out there in Blogland heard of Swap Mamas? If not and you are a fan of thrifty shopping and easy decluttering- this is the site for you!

Here is the jist of it: You go to the site, get a free page, list everything you have to swap and also everything you are looking for. You join some groups for fun that interest you, then people come to your page, check out your stuff and make you offers. You also go to their page to see what you want from them. It is totally money free and runs with the idea that "one man's trash is another man's treasure"!

Anyhow, I joined a month or two ago and am a complete addict. Seriously, I live on this site once the kids go down for bedtime! Well since I don't really have anything material to trade I decided to barter my lovely design work for some awesome bags, clothes, books, quilt... lol! And somehow, after creating a notepad to keep track of all my trades, I caught the eye of Queen Swap Mama herself- yay!

So now I am officially designing some items for Swap Mamas... swapping of course, for some awesome advertising space! Fun fun fun!!! Here are some recent creations!

Seriously, go check this site out... it is totally worth it!

Monday, October 19, 2009

i love...

the colors of fall>> long sweater coats >> warm apple crisp >> snuggling under blankets >> reading with my girls >> pumpkin decorating >> diy russian nesting dolls >> fall cleaning >> my new vera bradley all in one wristlet (yippee!!) >> roasted caramel almonds >> fall festivals >> zucchini bread >> chubby black squirrels >> halloween costumes >> this cute diy play kitchen >>pinecones >> living here in Lakewood >> going to the zoo with aj anytime she wants >> ballet flats >> packing gabby's lunch >> homemade chicken noodle soup >> the promise of a new day

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Creative Family

I just got this book in the mail from Amazon and am devouring it! I am searching for guidance on how to simplify our life and home and this gem of a book does not disappoint.
From great tips on how to create a home that is close and full of creativity to ways to find (and organize) inspiration, I love that all the projects are simple and functional. There are lovely ideas on things to do with your children to make your home...well a home. How to slow down, how to create a space that encourages a creative spirit, and a great list of things to consider when bringing toys into your home.
It didn't surprise me to realize that this is a Waldorf home, especially with the ideas on how to decorate a seasonal table. More and more, this parenting/life philosophy is appealing to Klint and I. I can't wait to get Homemade Home, also by Soule, as my "something to read" for Christmas!


Last night we were at the Cleveland Zoo for Boo at the Zoo!
What a great time,
Gabby was a triceratops and AJ was a cowgirl complete with horse... it was a blast! =)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yay! All Better!!

Ok folks, a quick post since it is so late:

1. Cold is almost all gone, thank goodness for meds finally catching up with me!
2. Fight with hubby is resolved, no blood was shed, and I can put the arsenic back on the shelf- hehehe!
3. Just got home from doing an awesome home show with Usborne books... was a bit of a drive but sooooo worth it. Seriously, I am loving this business and earning free books for my kids for Christmas! Their "something to read" is already taken care of!
4. Why didn't anyone remind me that 9 week old kittens act like 6 yr old little boys? All energy, no coordination, and complete silliness with big brothers!
5. I have been really really active in the graphic design arena, seems my inspiration is back in the form of baby announcements. Here are some new designs:

So that is that... more to follow shortly!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This is my day:

Major head cold: check
Huge fight with hubby: double check
Cranky no-nap kids: check

The light at the end of my tunnel: drugs, tea, sleep, and the promise of a new day!
(oh, and AJ peed in the potty again! yay!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Mind Full of Thoughts

Tonight my mind is not feeling creative in my usual artsy way. About this time for the last couple of nights my head has been full of designs for Christmas cards, invites, and more designs for my Etsy store. But not tonight....

Maybe because I am feeling a little under the weather, or because I am finding myself quickly coming to a crossroads with our children's educational choices, or because I have spent the last hour reading so many things that have gotten my mind whirling.

Did I mention that we have gotten rid of TV as a whole? Not even basic channels. Part of the reason was cost (why on earth would I pay $25 a month to watch a show that is only mediocre?) but the other reason was for not just our kids but our whole family. How can I tell my daughter that it isn't nice to sass us when she likes shows where the characters do the same thing? Or that everyone is beautiful in their own way with all the reality shows out there proclaiming that you have to fit impossible standards?

Tonight I read a blog entry here that opened my eyes to how I view my post-baby self and the possibilities to what can be. I can change how I look at tasks like running, cleaning, and my own self image. A great quote that I read tonight is: "We all choose our own pain, whether it is the pain of self discipline or the pain of regret."

I am taking that quote further than my own self by applying it to the crossroads with Gabby's schooling. I have had a very negative feeling about the school's program and her teacher from the start of the school year. From things like knowing that she will only get art 1/4 of the year to seeing papers come home with -3 written at the top for missing some tricky answers. (A picture of a hat was missed because the in looking for "c" words Gabby didn't realize that a hat is also called a cap") I don't think that it is acceptable for papers at such a young age to academics should be graded in the negative... what happened to asking, "I see that there is a picture here, what do you think this is called?" and seeing WHY she didn't circle that picture. We have been in school for less than three months and I have had more complaints about what is going on than I care to share.

So now I am thinking about alternatives to the norm of public schooling. Montessori schools, charter schools, home schools, unschooling... things that I once knew nothing about but are being examined thoroughly. Lucky for me I have a good friend who is a pro at this "not public schooling" thing....a friend I once thought was really radical and sometimes nutty (you know who you are darling!), but now is making prefect sense to me!! I am struggling with breaking free of the norms of society, thinking about critism from friends and family, and rationalizing that I need to do what is best for my kids.... I know I will get it together though.

I have no set path yet, but my mind is definitely off and running!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The List 2.2

Fall is definitely here! Heated blankets and matttress warmers are on, hats and gloves were brought down from the attic, and serious preparations for Halloween are in full swing. Gabby is going to be a witch, AJ is a cowgirl, Klint is going as a Monkey Man, and I have decided to go as a teen vamp, inspired by Alice Cullen's look since I am now sporting this short do! Here are some things to inspire you this beautiful season:

Here are some fun and easy pumpkin carving tips if you have little one running about. (@ Sprout)

I don't really do e-cards... unless they are by JibJab! Here are their new Halloween ones and they are sooo funny with your faces there! (@ JibJab)

We made really cute foam hats for the 4th of July, here are some super easy ideas for ones for Halloween. How about a spider hat? (@ Make and Takes)

Why do parent's thinkg that they need all kinds of plastic crap to entertain their kids and spark creativity? Here is one take on natural childhood play from a very good friend of mine! (@ Our Suburban Homestead)

I have tons of scrap fabric lying about... I am thinking that this sweet scrap quilt houses would get rid of most of it! (@ Quiltville)

I love these simple paper pumpkin ornaments! (@ Hostess with the Mostess)

Finally, what cat doesn't want to be Jaws this Halloween? (@ Youth Diaspora)
My cats would kill me if I tried this though....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Picking At Honey Haven

Today we went pumpkin picking down in Ashland with Klint's mom and brother. It was a HUGE farm that had sooo much to do, from a giant corn maze, to kids crafts, and of course food! I had the best barbecue beef sandwich as well as a fresh apple dumpling topped with ice cream. Yum!
The girls had a blast riding a horse drawn wagon out to the pumpkin field and choosing their own muddy pumpkin. A chilly but fun day!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Little Apple Pickers

Yesterday we went apple picking with one of AJ's good friends, Sophia, and her parents. We went to a wonderful pick your own orchard and had such a fun time watching the little ones carrying their buckets and trying to pull the apples off of the trees. AJ and I picked over 11 lbs of apples! (So if you know any good recipes for apples, send them this way!)

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