Friday, October 16, 2009

Yay! All Better!!

Ok folks, a quick post since it is so late:

1. Cold is almost all gone, thank goodness for meds finally catching up with me!
2. Fight with hubby is resolved, no blood was shed, and I can put the arsenic back on the shelf- hehehe!
3. Just got home from doing an awesome home show with Usborne books... was a bit of a drive but sooooo worth it. Seriously, I am loving this business and earning free books for my kids for Christmas! Their "something to read" is already taken care of!
4. Why didn't anyone remind me that 9 week old kittens act like 6 yr old little boys? All energy, no coordination, and complete silliness with big brothers!
5. I have been really really active in the graphic design arena, seems my inspiration is back in the form of baby announcements. Here are some new designs:

So that is that... more to follow shortly!

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