Tuesday, November 30, 2010

She's Got the Magic!

Oh how I wish that I would have thought to do this when I first learned I was pregnant!!! I love seeing Cole's belly change and grow and seeing her many expressions.... love love love it!

Magic- A Belly Grows from The Panic Room Videos on Vimeo.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

What I Know For Sure- Homeschool Edition

I always look forward to reading the last page of my Oprah magazine for her article called What I Know For Sure. It always inspires me, enlightens me, and leaves me feeling positive and calm. Hopefully I can do something like that here....

One month has passed since Gabby started homeschooling and one thing that I know for sure is that we made the right choice for our girl. She left the public school system uninspired, ignored for her talents and was seen as a "problem" student who wasn't up to snuff. We took her out of a system that treats children like little machines who are expected to perform all on the same level, in all subjects, at all times, with little to no creative outlet or stimulation... something I didn't really see until my child was the one affected.

Now, after one month of field trips, deep conversations, some worksheet and workbook action, lots of giggling and art, Gabby is back to being a happy girl who is confident in her abilities and is enjoying showing off her reading and spelling skills. She knows lots of little facts about tons of different things from how a bakery is run to cooking with fractions and is reading fast enough that she can read a good majority of names in movie credits. She is understanding more complex math problems, loves to spell, and is really interested in life science. None of those things make me as happy though as knowing that now she wants to learn and asks the right questions to get answers.

I know for sure that being at home and being able to learn on her own terms and at her own pace restored Gabby's faith in herself. She doesn't have to worry about keeping up with anyone but herself, and while I challenge her to figure things out on her own, she knows I have to time to help her if she really needs it. She has two pen pals that she writes to weekly, looks forward to reading her mail, and loves that everyday is a chance to make some awesome art.

I know for sure that we are giving her opportunities that she wouldn't have in a normal public school day. She has played with microscopes, has over 2 hours of active aerobic activity almost daily(her choice!!), gets to eat lunch at a normal, sane pace, and has gotten to spend hours in the library just browsing and reading.

I am sure that as we continue along this journey there will be a lot of things that I will not know for sure. But I do know that Gabby and I will discover the answers together, which is a wonderful thing my friends!
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Etsy Things I ♥♥♥

I love shopping on Etsy for me and everyone else in my life... lately though since our wedding anniversary (7years!) is on Dec 6th, Christmas, and then my 30th (gasp!) birthday in January, I have been mainly looking at stuff for me, lol! There are so many things that I like, bath goodies, jewelry, clothes and accesories.... the list is a great one! So here are some things that have caught my eye for any of the above mentioned occasions... paying attention Klint? =)

 Pink Cherry Bomb Sugar Soaps via here

(Would realllllly like this for our anniversary!)
Meet Me at the Birch Tree Necklace via here

Antique Pewter Tiny Twig Hair Pins via here

Organic Baby Wrap Carrier via here
There are so many cute styles... love them all!

I loved handing out these awesome "Bad parking" notes....must have more!
via here

I loooooove this bag and seriously NEED it! 
via here

I am sure that there are more finds, but that is all for now... what things do you ♥ from Etsy?

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Christmas Wish List- Something to Read

Since everyone else in my house has a wishlist made up for Christmas I decided to blog about my wishlist. (Plus this way Klint can just look here if he forgets what I want!!) Today is my Something To Read!

This is one of the hardest ones for me to pick since I love books so much.... do I ask for a craft book, a year's subscription to a favorite magazine, or just something by a favorite author? Last year I got a year's subscription to Oprah which I love love love. This year however is a special year because I am turning 30....

I found this lovely little journal called One Line a Day on another blog that I read, Simplify, and thought what a wonderful idea! Just one little line, once a day, for 5 years! What a wonderful keepsake for the girls to look back on, and a great way to record the first 5 years of my 30's! And even better that it is a pretty aqua color (not like the icky color on Amazon's site!) which is a favorite color of mine.....

I love this photo of the journal from Simplify.... it makes the journal look so pretty....

There is one for recording all that mommy stuff.... but I am going to be selfish and just get this one which will have some stuff about the girls I am sure, but also personal stuff about me....

So there ya go, that is my Something to Read!!!

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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Most Awesome Gift for Readers!

I am an avid reader and am usually involved with a couple of books at a time. I have to read before bed or else I don't sleep well, a trait I have passed down to my kids. But sometimes it is hard to choose just the right book for the book lover in your life. Well, today I found a site that not only takes that issue out of your hands, but also gives you the option to send either a whole bunch of books at once or a couple times throughout the year.... cool huh?

Introducing Just the Right Book!! 

So how does it work? Well you hop on their site, decide if you want to send one book at a time or a couple at once, answer some questions, pay up, and then know that you are going to make someone's Christmas very cool!

The cost is pretty fair and to test out how easy it is I went about the site as if I was going to send one book a month to Gabby. I chose a mix of hardcover and soft cover which came to $185, a very fair price for quality books! To help aid in the picking out of the right book you pick the right reading level, check off reading interests, write about the other interests and favorites such as Gabby's love of zombies and basketball, and even mention reading habits such as the reading before bed thing!

There are so many ways to go about doing this that there is no way to mess it up!!! (There is a guarantee too, just in case the book isn't just right of the recipient already has it!  Perfect and you can even do it in your pj's!!! Happy shopping and reading friends!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

** And no, Miss M has not arrived yet, despite drinking some nasty castor oil, getting my membranes swept, and lots of praying to the Labor and Delivery Gods! =) She apparently did not receive her eviction notice, lol!**
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We Wish You A Handmade Christmas!

I love browsing Etsy for gift ideas and of course Christmas provides a whole slew of cool ideas for the ones you love. Here are some of my favorite things that I have found thus far, some you can eat and some just look nice... no matter what you know it was made with love and by someones two hands!!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Want $10 Off $10 Hallmark Purchase?

I love shopping at Hallmark but find that many of their items are just a little pricier than I can afford. So how about a $10 off coupon for a $10 minimum purchase?! What a great way to get some pretty wrapping paper or a new ornament to celebrate 2010... All you have to do is sign up here and then print out your coupon, easy right!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Santa Sack Advent Calendar Tutorial!

Even though we have sort of an advent calendar I still want something to put up that the kids can see and look forward to doing. And because I don't really see myself doing all the things that the advent fortune cookies suggest I am opting for the simpler route of counting down with chocolate- yum!

I saw this awesome little Santa Sack Advent and am feeling inspired.... we shall see what happens! Get the full tutorial here and happy sewing!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

With Two Cats Giveaway!

One of my favorite part of the holidays is getting Christmas cards from all of my friends and hanging them up around the door. This year I get to not only send out our family Christmas cards but also birth announcements for Miss M! Even though I fully know that I can whip up some pretty awesome cards myself I have always been a fan of Tiny Prints. Well, thanks to one of the awesome blogs that I read, With Two Cats, there is a chance to win a $50 gift certificate!!! YAY!!!
Want to not have to worry about Christmas cards this year? Head over here and enter by 11:59pm on Thursday November 25th!!!
Here are some of my favorite designs for Christmas and for Miss M's announcement:

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's on your List?

I have been thinking a lot about stuff to get the girls and Klint for Christmas... there are so many wonderful things out there that it really is hard to choose. Luckily we have our 4 present tradition so it keeps my spending in check. I still have stocking stuffers to think about though and a special gift from Santa for everyone.... here are some things that I have bought or am buying this holiday season!
Create It- Ballerina Kit! Found here for only $8!

Stitch It Squirrel Keyring Kit found here (Only $4!!!!)

Custom Felt Ornament- $19 from here on Etsy

Every year we try to do something charitable... this year we are sending a flock of chickens!
Go here to send the chicks or other animals that will better someone's life!

A perfect pet for the little girl in your life, plus no mess!!
Found here for $22

Pocket mirrors that look just like your little girl!
Only $8 and super cute!!! Get yours here.

AJ is on a huge unicorn kick.... what better present than her own unicorn wand!
Found here for $12

And of course I can't forget about Miss M's presents!
Since it is the year of the Tiger I thought that this was a perfect present for her!
Found here for $9

Both of the girls love lions and other Savannah animals right now,
so Santa is bringing this special jewelry box for them!
Found here

Well that is all for now, there are other things on their lists, but those were the most fun for me to find this year!!!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just Checking In

Well nothing much to report here... still pregnant at almost 38 weeks....been having awesome back pain that kept me up all night last weekend but didn't really result in anything. Maybe at my appointment tomorrow I will learn different, but this little one seems content to bake away which is fine with me!

Homeschooling is going great, Gabby is learning how to knit for her fine arts and has been having lots of fun reading everything in sight wherever we are. What a change from the kid who only wanted to play video games when she was home and refused to volunteer any reading! I just discovered this awesome homeschooling blog that really makes homeschooling simpler than most people think... and she has 2 grown kids in college and another completing high school in the public school system so she knows what she is talking about!!
Gabby also had her first basketball game this past weekend as well as a drum lesson! Needless to say she loved them both... =)

Well, that is about it.... hope everyone else is having an awesome day!
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

What to do with Just One Glove?

How about turning that single glove that lost its mate into an adorable chipmunk? I just found this wonderfully simple tutorial on Etsy's Storque and just so happened to have 4 brown gloves, so I know what I am going to be doing later for my girls!

The tutorial is from a book called Happy Gloves: Charming Softy Friends Made from Colorful Gloves and is super easy to follow. You can either follow the directions here or download the directions from here!!! Happy sewing!
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Hoot of a Holiday!

Aren't these adorable???
Every year each member of the family gets a new ornament,
sometimes it is something that represents an interest,
other years it is a common theme....
I am thinking everyone gets an owl in their favorite colors, with our names on them!!
Want to make one for yourself?
Find the easy peasy tutorial here!! 
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Taking a Family Photo... with a 3 yr old!

Why is taking a family photo so hard with little ones? 
It is even harder when you are using a tripod and just trying to wing it....
maybe getting a photographer is an order? =)

Gabby wanted to do a silly/scary photo!

Of course AJ picks that moment to cover her mouth, and getting Gabby to smile is near impossible a challenge!

AJ not looking at the camera

Gabby being squished by my belly!

Oh well! At least we had fun playing outside taking photos!!
I can't wait to see how all this goes once the new baby is here,
interesting for sure I imagine! 

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