Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Feliz El Dia de Los Muertos!

Hola mis amigos! Lol, can you tell that Dia de los Muertos is one of my favorite holidays? While I love many of the other ones, there is just something about this day, all the colors, celebrations, and food that just makes my heart sing! (Maybe I am Mexican after all, lol!)

It is a time when I remember my grandmother fondly, share stories of her with my children, and hope that she is looking down on me and is proud of me. This past year we lost Klint's grandmother rather suddenly as well as a friend, so there are other people to remember and celebrate this year.

(On a quick homeschooling note- yesterday was a huge success and even though we didn't spend a lot of formal time on schoolwork, when I think about all that Gabby learned yesterday- truly it is astounding! More about that tomorrow!)

Ok, back to the Day of the Dead! Here are some awesome links to coloring, crafts, food, and even a list of wonderful books to share with the kids.... I am having a hard time choosing what we will do today because everything looks like so much fun!

Day of the Dead Skull- coloring page
Day of the Dead Mask
Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate
Day of the Dead Necklace
Dia de los Muertos Cookies- YUMMO!
Traditional Sugar Skulls
Matchbox Shrines
La Dama Rag Doll
Dia de los Muertos Pin
Paper Flowers
List of Dia de los Muertos books

and a collection of other fun crafts from Crafty Crow found here!

I can't wait until January when I am getting a Sugar Skull tattoo from Voodoo Monkey to celebrate my 30th birthday! (It will be smaller on the inside of my wrist)There are so many inspiring ones on Flickr... although this blue one is my favorite so far:

Do you celebrate Dia de los Muertos? If so what do you do and what is your favorite part of the day?

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Jennifer said...

that tatt ROCKS! can't wait to see your's!

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