Sunday, November 7, 2010

Miss M's Nursery is DONE!

 Well the finishing touches on Miss M's nursery are finally up and I could finally take some photos of her pretty room. We decided not to have a set theme, just a lot of colors, fabrics, and of course things made with love by Mommy! I would say that over 75% of this room is handmade and that nothing in it was brand new, but refurbished. I love how all the colors work together from the bright pinks and reds to the softer blue on the walls.
Sunny nursery!
Rocker and the lingerie chest with all her clothes... found on Craigslist. 
The nursing and reading nook!
We got the tutorial for the book sling from here
Poster designed by moi!
I made this last night, I had to use this awesome bunting paper I found at Pat Catans! 
Playing area with sheepskin rug from Ikea!
I added some pretty rhinestones to this plain wood hanger ,
a perfect way to display her coming home outfit. 
Here is Miss M's finished birth box.
It is felt lined and has a pocket for special papers.
Inspired by this one
Bunting Quilt that started the whole "theme" of the room!
Great tutorial found here!! =)
 Well that is it! All it needs now is a baby in it and the room will be complete! There are lots of other touches that I didn't photograph like the polar bear themed board books, the night lights from Target, and such, but you get the general idea!! If you want to know anything else about the room let me know.... all I know is that I LOVE how it turned out!!

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Ooty said...

looks lovely! love the baunting blanket =)

Mama Whimsy said...


Jennifer said...

love love love the bunting paper M! room looks awesome.. lucky miss m!

Amy said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I just love it! Well done, Mamma!!!

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