Sunday, November 28, 2010

Etsy Things I ♥♥♥

I love shopping on Etsy for me and everyone else in my life... lately though since our wedding anniversary (7years!) is on Dec 6th, Christmas, and then my 30th (gasp!) birthday in January, I have been mainly looking at stuff for me, lol! There are so many things that I like, bath goodies, jewelry, clothes and accesories.... the list is a great one! So here are some things that have caught my eye for any of the above mentioned occasions... paying attention Klint? =)

 Pink Cherry Bomb Sugar Soaps via here

(Would realllllly like this for our anniversary!)
Meet Me at the Birch Tree Necklace via here

Antique Pewter Tiny Twig Hair Pins via here

Organic Baby Wrap Carrier via here
There are so many cute styles... love them all!

I loved handing out these awesome "Bad parking" notes....must have more!
via here

I loooooove this bag and seriously NEED it! 
via here

I am sure that there are more finds, but that is all for now... what things do you ♥ from Etsy?

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