Friday, November 26, 2010

The Most Awesome Gift for Readers!

I am an avid reader and am usually involved with a couple of books at a time. I have to read before bed or else I don't sleep well, a trait I have passed down to my kids. But sometimes it is hard to choose just the right book for the book lover in your life. Well, today I found a site that not only takes that issue out of your hands, but also gives you the option to send either a whole bunch of books at once or a couple times throughout the year.... cool huh?

Introducing Just the Right Book!! 

So how does it work? Well you hop on their site, decide if you want to send one book at a time or a couple at once, answer some questions, pay up, and then know that you are going to make someone's Christmas very cool!

The cost is pretty fair and to test out how easy it is I went about the site as if I was going to send one book a month to Gabby. I chose a mix of hardcover and soft cover which came to $185, a very fair price for quality books! To help aid in the picking out of the right book you pick the right reading level, check off reading interests, write about the other interests and favorites such as Gabby's love of zombies and basketball, and even mention reading habits such as the reading before bed thing!

There are so many ways to go about doing this that there is no way to mess it up!!! (There is a guarantee too, just in case the book isn't just right of the recipient already has it!  Perfect and you can even do it in your pj's!!! Happy shopping and reading friends!
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