Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The List 11.3.10

Hello!!! Yay for being 36 weeks and soooo close to the end of this pregnancy! (photos coming soon I promise!) Since Halloween is now over, the faux Christmas trees are out, and all the stores are playing Christmas music I am definitely getting in the mood for the holidays! I think I am going to make everyone a new stocking this year and have been putting together a list of gifts for the family. I am getting excited about the whole season in general I guess, especially with our new addition coming!! Here are some fun links that I have found.... enjoy!

I love Martha Stweart's Christmas decorations, homemade ornaments, and stockings! These are the ones I will be making for the family this year! 

Pumpkin Bread sounds so good right now... this recipe sounds easy enough that I am pretty sure I can't mess it up... lol. 

With the colder months come higher heating bills... why don't you try entering the Freeze Yer Buns off Challenge 2010? Every degree less makes a difference!! (We are keeping the daytime temp at 64 and the nighttime temp at 58!) 

Every Christmas everyone gets a new ornament to add to the tree. I love these pretty Nutcracker boxes from Crate and Barrel... I could put some candy or a small gift card in them!

Do you find yourself screaming a lot at the kids and really getting riled up? Here are some easy tips on how to parent peacefully... it is truly a great article for any stressed out parent! 

Finally, I love this Rainbow Gundrop Wreath from a pretty Etsy shop called JustPretty (a fitting name!). I wonder if it is something I could make without eating the whole bag? 

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Jennifer said...

that wreath looks like it was made just for you! love it and it screams connie's house to me!

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