Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting it all in!

Isn't Miss AJ so cute? Even when she is being all evil and such!

Shhhh.... don't tell anyone, but I am (contrary to popular belief) not ready to pop yet, will not be "exploding anytime"soon, and am actually quite comfy still this late in my pregnancy. Yes, there are signs that labor is sooner than later... but I don't think that Miss M will be showing up today or tomorrow.

That being said, I have been seeing so many cool things online that I just have to share them... crafts for the holidays, neat ideas, and of course Etsy finds that make my heart sing!

I love giving art supplies as gifts and even little ones appreciate crayons and paper to create their own art. How about some homemade ABC crayons that you made yourself? Get the tutorial here and the ABC molds from here!!

Got lots of gifts to wrap? What about making a wrapping station that looks pretty and has the paper and ribbon neatly displayed? Get the how-to here!

I wanted a cute way to keep track of everyone who visits me in the hospital and at home those first few blurry days of new Mommy-hood. I took this beautiful idea of a Wedding Tree and created a Birth Tree for Miss M... I can't wait to show you it when she is born!

I know that I have featured this pretty and simple Growth Chart before, but I didn't realize that you can get the Jute Ribbon to make your own from Hobby Lobby's online site! So cheap too, and even easier to make your own growth chart!

I am seeing this awesome Popcorn Turkey all over the web! Just in case you haven't seen it yourself... come check it out here.

Last year I made 25 fabric fortune cookies from this tutorial with 25 different fun "winter" activities to do as a family. I also want a hanging Advent calendar as well for the kids to do everyday though and when I saw this tutorial from Homemade by Jill and her inspiration calendar, I knew that this would be the one project I would be working on as much as I could before Miss M came!!! (Here is where I get my felt from!!)

Finally, here is something new in terms of Christmas/Holiday cards from Etsy.... photo ornament cards!!! This just might be something I create for my own family with our family photo on one side and Miss M's birth announcement on the other!

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