Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moving on Up

So, after playing around with WordPress for the last couple of days I decided that I am going to move my blog there. =) It is just so nice and fresh to use and I feel like it is something I have been wanting to do for awhile.
But I am still going to blog like I have... crafts, Pinterest pins, life, homschooling, and lot of photos! Same taste, fresh start.

I am not going to transfer these posts from the last 4 years to the new blog because with them comes all my bad tagging and such. I will have a page linking this blog on the new one though so if there is a favorite post you are looking for, it will still be here waiting.

Make sure to update your RSS feeds, links, and page saves to the new blog-

I hope you all will join me there! I am going to be looking for people to guest post, crafters to submit tutorials, and lots of other fun. See you on My Sunny Side Up Life!!
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Yes, it is 1am...

So yes, it is 1am and I am blogging... I get a bit of insomnia when I am on a creative streak. Here's the story:
A fellow blogger named Elle asked me to write for a new mommy blog she is starting called Motherhood Uncovered. Of course I said yes because a) I like Elle, she is nice and b) It would give me a reason to craft more. However, the blog is on Wordpress and to co-write on it I would have to have an account. Dun dun dun... a whole new world of blogging people!

Well, I didn't want to look like a newbie when it came to this awesome new blog that I was going to be writing with other bloggers, so I started a new personal one to play around with called My Sunny Side Up Life. I have been thinking about branding my blog and making it flow better with my Etsy store, cleaning it up a bit and making it more professional looking. I designed the header after hours of watching Charlie and Lola with the girls... I am liking the feel of it though... clean with a hint of whimsy.

However, I don't want to throw anyone off who regularly visits me here, know what I mean?
So, what are your thoughts? Can I gently transfer everyone to the new blog or should I just stick with what works? (If you really have an opinion, there is a poll on the sidebar!)

My thoughts are this:
1. I now know how to tag properly so it will be a heck of a lot easier to find stuff on the new blog.
2. Wordpress is niiiiiiiiiice!
3. I can get a fresh look in and tie all my endeavors together
4. I won't have to hop all over the place to blog

1. Wordpress is new and kinda scary to maneuver if you like to customize your look a lot
2. I don't want to lose readers
3. .... ummmm that's all I got!

so there you have it. I am up at 1am, playing between Photoshop and Wordpress and can't sleep because I have so many ideas... =)
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Friday, September 9, 2011

9 Months Old!

9 months old already??!!
Well, three quarters of Miss Moira's first year is over! What a difference just a month makes in this baby's life and development...

* cruises furniture
* takes off diaper
* climbs stairs
* nurses a lot still
* clicks her tongue to call the pets
* stands up without holding onto something
* shakes her head "no"
* snorts and growls when she is mad
* still has only 2 teeth
* loves to be read to and played with
* favorite toys are matchbox cars
* gets into EVERYTHING!!!

"I'm pretty sure that I have places to go and things to get into!"

 Moira's personality is really coming out. She has developed quite the temper and will get reaaaallllly upset if you take something away from her. She has also learned the word, "no" and will shake her head when you say it... although she laughs and continues to do what you don't want to do. =) I am pretty sure that she is going to be fully walking by next month!

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Pins

Yes, I am addicted to Pinterest... but look at all the cool things I found!!!

                      Source: photojojo.com via Connie on Pinterest

Photoshop Magnets!!!!!

                                               Source: cupcakesandcashmere.com via Connie on Pinterest

Cute side-table ideas

                                                                  Source: sleekidentity.com via Connie on Pinterest

Road Tape!

                                         Source: iamthegirlanachronism.tumblr.com via Connie on Pinterest

Love this quote!

                                                    Source: keikolynn.com via Connie on Pinterest

Hmmm... Hallloween for Klint and I?

                                                                Source: comicsfornerds.net via Connie on Pinterest

Can't forget a costume for Moira!

                                              Source: stylemepretty.com via Chelsea on Pinterest

          Love this hairstyle...

See... now wasn't that fun?!

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Clothespin Dolls!

This is what I have been up to the last couple of days and I am loving the results! 
They are little dolls painted on no-roll clothespins that are about 3 3/4'' tall.

I love their cute pointed toes and of course we had to make a few ballerinas from the bunch, lol.
The clothespins are really cheap and you can let your imagination run wild-
I made a fancy lady, some chilling dolls with hoodies, a few ballerinas, some chic chicks with heels...
seriously, it was more fun for me to create the outfits I think at times!

AJ is really loving the dolls and is working on making a juice container into their home. =)

I have heard that there are even bigger clothespins out there, 7 1/4'' tall!!!
Hopefully I can get my hands on some and make some even cuter dolls for the girls.
I am already putting cute outfit ideas together... lol.
I love simple crafts like this that the girls love to play with!

(if you love the dolls but don't want to paint your own you can buy some here from this wonderful Etsian
She is a great artist and has BIG dolls too!)
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