Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top 10 Favorite Posts of 2009

What a nutsy year! Here are my favorite posts from 2009...
wishing you a Happy New Year and an even better 2010!

I know that there are so many other posts that I had a lot of fun writing, but these are my faves... from moving (5 streets over!) to having Gabby start Kindergarten... I can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for our family!! Cheers and have a Happy and Safe New Year!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The List 2.7

Wow, is it really the end of the year?? It is hard to believe that this year really flew by so fast. Between moving, Gabby starting school, and all the other excitement of the year it seems like I was just gearing up for summer yesterday!

Well here is my final roundup of finds, picks, and crafts for 2009. If you visit here often you will notice that I just changed my blog roll to separate all the blogs I follow into categories. Thanks to the Homies over at Apartment Therapy I have added so many new blogs that I have to categorize them to keep them all straight. Please take a look around and let me know what you think- there is a lot of goodness on those blogs!!

I just discovered this new blog and saw this awesome Super Hero Craft that I really think Gabby could get into. I even had fun designing my own super hero!! (@ Tangarang)

As you all know I love reading with my children... this list of Winter themed books is perfect for introducing some seasonal books to your little ones. (@ Eensies)

Making financial goals for the upcoming year is something that my husband and I are going to do this year as we are trying to get back on solid ground and be completely debt free. These tips are really helpful! (@ Simple Mom)

I am now obsessed with getting some Kindereggs for my kids for Easter... obsessed! Anyone who knows where I can get some would forever be my love! (@ Givers Log)

Instead of all my cardboard boxes sitting in the recycle bin waiting for garbage day I would love to be able to turn them into a fun village for the kids to decorate using this tutorial! (@ Bella Dia)

Even though I am not a wall paper fan per se, I am totally digging this awesome Frames Wallpaper for the playroom or even the bathroom! (@ Land of Nod)

Embroidery is something that I am loving this past year, This wonderful Etsy store is the epitome what I want to be able to do someday! (@ AnitaKatita)

Here is a sleeper for babies that is really a smart idea. You can travel easily with it, place it over any door or simply have it next to your bed for those tight apartments that can't accommodate traditional co-sleepers or bassinets. Although it looks pricey when you see the price in Swedish Crowns, it is only $250!! (@ Mawok)

Well friends, that is about it for now! Happy New Year and Happy Crafting!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Memory Scanner Anyone?

One of my oldest and dearest friends just spent the night at our house with her fiancee on her way up from Atlanta to Buffalo. Our story is an interesting one in that we went to school together when we were in middle school, she moved away to Atlanta, I was put in foster care and moved to a new city, and we lost touch.... but missed each other a lot and tried to find each other every now and then.

Thanks to the internet I had a clue about where she was, although no way to find her. Then... all of a sudden she found me! It was like being reunited with a long lost sister, totally picked up right where we left off, and all is well again in the world.

The problem though is that my dear friend is a piece of a childhood that is not only better forgotten, but for the most part really IS forgotten. Sure there are bits and pieces... mostly good and almost all of it is of my school and the friends that not only took me into their homes many times but made me part of their family. I have bits and pieces as well from periods of time when I was living with my grandparents, but for the most part prior to me being put in foster care is a huge void.

Yesterday this awesome friend gave me an envelope full of photos. Photos from birthday parties, 8th grade graduation, trips together. I see myself in them, totally awkward with awful glasses and a huge smile.... but that is it. It is like looking at a photo that I was Photoshopped into... awful because I can't remember ANYTHING about those moments. Sigh... and unfortunatly I feel like that a lot when I talk with her about that period in my life. I feel silly because this good friend of mine tried so hard to save me from becoming part of the foster care system and I have to ask her to remind me of the simplest of details.

I know that there is probably a good reason that that period in my life is a void... but it is frustrating because I want to remember more of those good times. I am just thankful that I get to make new happy memories with her and that I have her back in my life. (Love you lots Miss H!)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hot and Not

Most days for me are a mix of things that are hot... and of course not so hot. Here is my latest Hot and Not!


* Another Sex and the City Movie!! YAY!!!! May 28th now you will know where I will be, lol!

* Discovering new blogs thanks to The Homies 2009 Awards Contest on Apartment Therapy... notice that the sidebar has some new friends and removed some old ones that I just didn't read as much!

* Cute gingerbread cookie houses perched on hot chocolate filled mugs- yummo!

* Thinking about interior design and new things to add to our evolving abode... like this awesome tree bookshelf!

* Adding new items to my Etsy store and getting lots of great feedback.

* Friends from Atlants visiting, even though it is a short visit I can't wait!


* Our dog eating a whole loaf of my Trader Joes Banana White Chocolate Chip bread... grrrr.

* Trying to clean the house and KEEP it clean for overnight guests.

* Our tree falling down and breaking, causing us to go get another one.... oye.

* Vibram taking 3 months to get the hubby's shoes back to him after they ripped (while under warranty) on the seam.

* No snow for Christmas.... supposed to rain...ugh!

How is it going for all of you out there? Hopefully you are having a very HOT day! =)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Felt is my Friend!

I have been a busy little bee making these presents for the girls I care for and their mommies!
Love love love felt!
It is so easy to work with and comes in such bright fun colors...
now to make that mailbox for the girls to put mail in!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Double Happiness

It is no secret that I love Asian inspired things. I love my Japanese platform bed, my Buddha statues, and painting kokeshi dolls. But I also love being able just to create things that my kids and other people can use. This past week I have been a heating pad making fiend. Seriously, thanks to my friend Melissa, I can't get enough of aromatherapy heat pads! I have given a lot away already, and am set to make some more tonight.

This past year, when I think about all the crafts that I have learned how to do and all the things I have made I feel so happy, and very very accomplished. I taught myself how to sew, how to knit, made lots of cute dolls for my kids, sewed plush doll houses, even made a yoga mat bag for the hubby!

But I still have some things that I want to get in there before the year is over... a felt mailbox, Alphabet Canvases, Felt Crayon Holders, and these awesome little felt flower pins!! (Yes, I love felt!)

I cracks me up but also makes me really happy to know that my kids think I am Martha Stewart. Many times Gabby will take a picture of something and ask me to make it for her, doesn't matter if it is etched glass, a quilt, a doll... I am the Super Nanny of crafting in her mind... and I am ok with that!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Advil Doesn't Kick Cabin Fever

We haven't had a real snow storm yet in Cleveland, to my friend's delight, but being from good old Buffalo NY I know that it is on it's way and that I had better find some really good tips on how to survive the winter with all these little ones around me- and I am not talking about goofy tips like build a fort and make your own clay.... those tips will all be used up by the end of January for sure! So what does one do with little ones cooped up in the house while the weather outside is frightful? Well here are some cabin fever survival instructions that have worked for me in the past:

1. Put on some fun music and dance away! No headache inducing Wiggles or Hana Montana required, just put on music you remember rocking out to as a kid and let 'er rip! A little New Kids On the Block anyone??

2. If the kids are having a snow day you get one too. Seriously, why try to clean and get stuff done when the little rugrats are going to undo it right away? If they are goofing around and playing then you get to as well!

3. Don't follow normal routines. Eat ice cream for breakfast, breakfast for dinner, and stay in your PJ's all day. Let them watch movies all day, play on the computer, and have a "mommy drink" before 5!

4. Pizza- order some! The dishes aren't done, you didn't get to the grocery store, and do you really even feel like cooking? No? I didn't think so!

5. Ignore the kids for a bit... in a good way. Just give them some things to keep them entertained, sit back, and enjoy the mayhem. I personally like taping a $1 shower liner to the floor and letting the kids go to town with markers, crayons, and cars!

6. Invite some other homebound parents over with their kids! No I am not crazy, just a firm believer that it is easier to entertain lots of kids rather than 1 or 2. They keep each other happy and the other moms will keep you happy!

7. Turn up the heat, have everyone put on summer clothes and pretend that it is summer again. Throw on some Beach Boys, grill some hot dogs, and eat a popsicle!

8. Or you can bundle up in layers and layers and go outside for a bit.... I had to throw it out there!

Ants in My Pants

Ok, well not in my pants... but definitely in our stockings! Dear Hubby (King of all gadgets!) showed me these awesome little robotic bugs called Hex Bugs and right away I knew that this was something I wanted for all of our stockings! Not only are they really neat, react to light and sound, but I am sure that the cats will get a kick out of them as well. They are only available online or at a Toys R Us or Radio Shack and flying off the shelves. I picked up an ant as well as a nano for two stockings and debating on whether or not I want to wait for the aqua colored crab to become available. =)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tutorial- Draft Dodger

Ok folks, this is so easy it is scary!
Need: 5 lbs of rice
1/2 yard of fabric in your favorite material
sewing machine
poly-fil or bamboo stuffing (optional)

To Do:
1. Take your 1.2 yard and lay it so the longest side is horizontal, wrong side up
2. Fold the fabric in half so that it is still long
3. Fold it again so now you have a skinny long piece and the right side is both on the inside and the outside
4. Sew one end and the length of the piece, leaving one end open
5. I put a small amount of Poly-fil in first, then my rice, although you can do it all rice if you want. I also topped it off with some Poly-fil.
6. Fold the edges inward about an inch and the sew across the top! Voila! Instant money saving cuteness!

Pretty easy huh??

Sunday, December 13, 2009

And So It Begins

My love affair with fabric has resumed! For some reason, once nice weather hits I have no desire to sew. My spanking new sewing machine got a little bit of use until early spring and then sat... and sat... among my piles pf fabric. Suddenly this past week or two I found myself looking at it, getting out my trusty Lotta Jansdotter book- Simple Sewing- and peeking at my fabric to see what I had.

I started out slow with some more fabric fortune cookies ( a project for my Etsy store) and today really got going with some of those lovely feet warmers that I mentioned in my last post. To top it off I even made a draft dodger for our sun room since it is getting a bit chilly in there, enough that we put up the french doors!

I am giving the plaid one to Klint's grandfather (what else do you give an 85yr old man who can't see well or hear?), the flowery one is for his grandmother, and the strawberry one is (of course) for me!

Tutorial for the draft dodger tomorrow (seriously it is so easy!)

Friday, December 11, 2009

The List 2.6

Oh my goodness have I found TONS of cool stuff to share with you guys!!! I am so excited about all these awesome gift ideas, projects, traditions, and just all around neatness!! (Can you tell I am jazzed up?!)

Ok, I know I love my cats, but I think that making them this awesome Kitty Bed would be the ULTIMATE sign of love! (@ Junk Camp)

Since I have been doing so many craft shows I have a new appreciation for half aprons! Here is a cute tutorial using a pillow case! (@ Lipstick and Laundry)

It seems my feet are always cold, even though I am NEVER barefoot (especially in a house with wood floors!) So this DIY Rice Bag Foot Warmer is perfect for me to put some spare fabric to use! (@ V and Co.)

I have an aversion to anything to "babyish" especially cutesy foofoo growth charts. But this heirloom growth chart would be something I would definitely buy for the girls to keep. Love it! (@ Miss Natalie)

My girls get really excited when we are counting down for something and I know that they would love a way to count down to their birthdays. This pretty set of birthday countdown pockets would be a neat tradition to start! (@ One Happy Mama)

Somedays I wish that I had a huge tree in my backyard or that our backyard was bigger than a postage stamp... this Treepee is one reason why I want a new yard to play in... I mean, for the kids to play in! Lol! (@ The Treepee Company)

Lucky for me Gabby is still too little to start losing her baby teeth, but I am already thinking ahead and love this pretty Tooth Fairy Kit. (@ Fawn and Forest)

Forts in general are cool, but this awesome Super Sized Princess Playhouse would be a huge hit in this house- especially with the fairy tale going on! (@ Miss Pretty Pretty)

See?! Didn't I tell you that I was busy looking high and low all over the web for total cuteness?! So what project are you going to work on first? I think that foot warmer is at the top of my list!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Print and Give: Want, Read, Wear, Read Gift Tags

Gift tags perfect for those of you who do Christmas like we do!
"Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read!"
Here's to a simpler, stress free Christmas!

Download the PDF here!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DIY: Pup Tent

Living here in Cleveland you have to learn to either love being outside in all kinds of weather or get really creative with keeping the kids inside. Although Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons, for me I really enjoy being cozy inside while the snow swirls and falls outside of my window. Therefore, I am already thinking about things to keep the little ones entertained while we are inside.

Having such little ones around means that my choices are a little more limited as they are not ready yet for complex crafting. For them playing dress up, playing with cars, and reading are really what they love to do. So over winter break I am planning on making them this wonderful DIY: Pup Tent from Casa Sugar!!

Here are the directions and materials needed: (I can't wait to get started!)

What You'll Need
  • Three yards of cotton fabric (upholstery weight is best)
  • 20 half-inch finishing screws
  • Power drill
  • Four two- to three-inch wood screws
  • Four six-feet-long boards, anywhere between four and six inches wide
  • One one-inch square, five-foot-long board
  • A friend who can hold the structure as you're building it
To find out how to do it, read more.
  1. Measure your fabric. If you get three yards of fabric, each wall of your tent should be 54 inches long. Most fabric is around 56 inches wide as well.
  2. Mark your one-inch-square board so it has some overlap on each end with enough room in between for the width of your fabric. If your board is five feet long, that means you will have about two inches on either end for the board.
  3. Next, measure each of your six-foot-long boards and mark them at the length of half of the length of your fabric (if you get four yards of fabric, you should mark boards at 52 inches).
  4. Now, with your long screws, screw two boards so they form an X. (See photo.) Repeat on other two long boards. This will be the top of your structure.
  5. Now, have your friend hold one end of the two boards, while you hold the other. Place the one-inch-square board between the X in your boards.
  6. Move the one-inch-square board so the marks you made overlap the X. Now, screw this board into the notch of the X with the last two long screws. Your tent now has the basic structure finished. You can set it on the floor and it will stand up by itself.
  7. With your friend's help, drape the fabric over the pup tent structure. Make sure that it is even on each side Have your friend hold the fabric very taut. Then, with your short finishing screws and power drill, drill five screws, from top to bottom, into each edge of the fabric along the sides of the boards.
  8. You're done! Enjoy your pup tent!
  9. Note: You can increase or decrease the measurements of the tent to suit your needs.
Here are some other teepee and tent links that may get those winter camping ideas swirling!!
DIY Teepee
Princess Pavilion Tent
No Sew Teepee
Felt Playhouse
Or you can just order one already made from Etsy! (They are really pretty too!)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The List 2.5

How is everyone's Christmas and holiday shopping coming? I am pretty done thanks to keeping ourselves in check with the overspending, although I do feel the need to find a way to hang our Christmas lights outside.... (Our usual method isn't going to work since the lightbulb outlet is a lot smaller than the standard size.
Here are some things that have caught my eye... you will notice that I am loving felt projects a lot lately along with anything to do with peg and clothespin dolls!

I love making toys for the kids and think that I may get a pattern or two from this lovely Etsy shop to make some felt toys!! (@ Gulf Coast Cottage)

My girls have a combined total of well over 100 cars but I never let them leave the house since they get lost so easily. This adorable car cozy tutorial would be a great thing to make so they can take their favorites with them on trips! (@ Homemade by Jill)

I like to give little present toppers on special gifts and think that this cute felt posy pin would be perfect on a few this year! (@ Checkout Girl)

My girls are a little young yet for the magic of The Nutcracker, but I can always try to bring the ballet to them with their own play theatre!! (@ Angry Chicken)

Nothing is sweeter than handmade dolls, I would love to have one of these Big Sister dolls made for AJ!! (@ Lil' Sprinkles)

That is all for now, back to making Spoolie dolls for my Etsy store!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Advent Calendar Krebs Style

So I decided that instead of doing a traditional advent calendar I was going to combine two things that I love- fortune cookies and winter activities!! I took some felt and fun Christmasy fabric and made some adorable felt fortune cookies that each contain a fun thing to do from making white popcorn to making catnip toys to donate. They were super duper easy and I think I may even make some more to hang on the Christmas tree!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Anniversary Lovie!

Happy 6th Anniversary love!
What an adventure we have had so far and look at how far we have come.
From two nutty greeks that eloped to foreign lands to raising two girls in the 'burbs
complete with the bills and responsibilities.
I love you more and more each day and will sword fight with you anyday!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spool Dollies Going to My Etsy Store Soon!

Aren't they cute?!
I am just putting the finishing details on everything
and they should be up in the store tonight!
Here are two other cuties that will be in the store!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Current Design Work

Since Thanksgiving my household has had this awful stomach bug....
man oh man have we been hit hard...
here are some designs that I had been working on before "The ICK" hit!

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