Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hot and Not

Most days for me are a mix of things that are hot... and of course not so hot. Here is my latest Hot and Not!


* Another Sex and the City Movie!! YAY!!!! May 28th now you will know where I will be, lol!

* Discovering new blogs thanks to The Homies 2009 Awards Contest on Apartment Therapy... notice that the sidebar has some new friends and removed some old ones that I just didn't read as much!

* Cute gingerbread cookie houses perched on hot chocolate filled mugs- yummo!

* Thinking about interior design and new things to add to our evolving abode... like this awesome tree bookshelf!

* Adding new items to my Etsy store and getting lots of great feedback.

* Friends from Atlants visiting, even though it is a short visit I can't wait!


* Our dog eating a whole loaf of my Trader Joes Banana White Chocolate Chip bread... grrrr.

* Trying to clean the house and KEEP it clean for overnight guests.

* Our tree falling down and breaking, causing us to go get another one.... oye.

* Vibram taking 3 months to get the hubby's shoes back to him after they ripped (while under warranty) on the seam.

* No snow for Christmas.... supposed to rain...ugh!

How is it going for all of you out there? Hopefully you are having a very HOT day! =)

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