Sunday, December 13, 2009

And So It Begins

My love affair with fabric has resumed! For some reason, once nice weather hits I have no desire to sew. My spanking new sewing machine got a little bit of use until early spring and then sat... and sat... among my piles pf fabric. Suddenly this past week or two I found myself looking at it, getting out my trusty Lotta Jansdotter book- Simple Sewing- and peeking at my fabric to see what I had.

I started out slow with some more fabric fortune cookies ( a project for my Etsy store) and today really got going with some of those lovely feet warmers that I mentioned in my last post. To top it off I even made a draft dodger for our sun room since it is getting a bit chilly in there, enough that we put up the french doors!

I am giving the plaid one to Klint's grandfather (what else do you give an 85yr old man who can't see well or hear?), the flowery one is for his grandmother, and the strawberry one is (of course) for me!

Tutorial for the draft dodger tomorrow (seriously it is so easy!)

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Melissa said...

I can't see the pictures again. Ugh... computer.

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