Monday, December 14, 2009

Tutorial- Draft Dodger

Ok folks, this is so easy it is scary!
Need: 5 lbs of rice
1/2 yard of fabric in your favorite material
sewing machine
poly-fil or bamboo stuffing (optional)

To Do:
1. Take your 1.2 yard and lay it so the longest side is horizontal, wrong side up
2. Fold the fabric in half so that it is still long
3. Fold it again so now you have a skinny long piece and the right side is both on the inside and the outside
4. Sew one end and the length of the piece, leaving one end open
5. I put a small amount of Poly-fil in first, then my rice, although you can do it all rice if you want. I also topped it off with some Poly-fil.
6. Fold the edges inward about an inch and the sew across the top! Voila! Instant money saving cuteness!

Pretty easy huh??

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