Friday, December 11, 2009

The List 2.6

Oh my goodness have I found TONS of cool stuff to share with you guys!!! I am so excited about all these awesome gift ideas, projects, traditions, and just all around neatness!! (Can you tell I am jazzed up?!)

Ok, I know I love my cats, but I think that making them this awesome Kitty Bed would be the ULTIMATE sign of love! (@ Junk Camp)

Since I have been doing so many craft shows I have a new appreciation for half aprons! Here is a cute tutorial using a pillow case! (@ Lipstick and Laundry)

It seems my feet are always cold, even though I am NEVER barefoot (especially in a house with wood floors!) So this DIY Rice Bag Foot Warmer is perfect for me to put some spare fabric to use! (@ V and Co.)

I have an aversion to anything to "babyish" especially cutesy foofoo growth charts. But this heirloom growth chart would be something I would definitely buy for the girls to keep. Love it! (@ Miss Natalie)

My girls get really excited when we are counting down for something and I know that they would love a way to count down to their birthdays. This pretty set of birthday countdown pockets would be a neat tradition to start! (@ One Happy Mama)

Somedays I wish that I had a huge tree in my backyard or that our backyard was bigger than a postage stamp... this Treepee is one reason why I want a new yard to play in... I mean, for the kids to play in! Lol! (@ The Treepee Company)

Lucky for me Gabby is still too little to start losing her baby teeth, but I am already thinking ahead and love this pretty Tooth Fairy Kit. (@ Fawn and Forest)

Forts in general are cool, but this awesome Super Sized Princess Playhouse would be a huge hit in this house- especially with the fairy tale going on! (@ Miss Pretty Pretty)

See?! Didn't I tell you that I was busy looking high and low all over the web for total cuteness?! So what project are you going to work on first? I think that foot warmer is at the top of my list!

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