Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Advil Doesn't Kick Cabin Fever

We haven't had a real snow storm yet in Cleveland, to my friend's delight, but being from good old Buffalo NY I know that it is on it's way and that I had better find some really good tips on how to survive the winter with all these little ones around me- and I am not talking about goofy tips like build a fort and make your own clay.... those tips will all be used up by the end of January for sure! So what does one do with little ones cooped up in the house while the weather outside is frightful? Well here are some cabin fever survival instructions that have worked for me in the past:

1. Put on some fun music and dance away! No headache inducing Wiggles or Hana Montana required, just put on music you remember rocking out to as a kid and let 'er rip! A little New Kids On the Block anyone??

2. If the kids are having a snow day you get one too. Seriously, why try to clean and get stuff done when the little rugrats are going to undo it right away? If they are goofing around and playing then you get to as well!

3. Don't follow normal routines. Eat ice cream for breakfast, breakfast for dinner, and stay in your PJ's all day. Let them watch movies all day, play on the computer, and have a "mommy drink" before 5!

4. Pizza- order some! The dishes aren't done, you didn't get to the grocery store, and do you really even feel like cooking? No? I didn't think so!

5. Ignore the kids for a bit... in a good way. Just give them some things to keep them entertained, sit back, and enjoy the mayhem. I personally like taping a $1 shower liner to the floor and letting the kids go to town with markers, crayons, and cars!

6. Invite some other homebound parents over with their kids! No I am not crazy, just a firm believer that it is easier to entertain lots of kids rather than 1 or 2. They keep each other happy and the other moms will keep you happy!

7. Turn up the heat, have everyone put on summer clothes and pretend that it is summer again. Throw on some Beach Boys, grill some hot dogs, and eat a popsicle!

8. Or you can bundle up in layers and layers and go outside for a bit.... I had to throw it out there!

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