Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I LOOOOOVE GETTING MAIL!!!!! In the last three days I have gotten two wonderful packages (with more to arrive any day now!)

First came my bento order from Ichiban Kan, a lovely Japanese import store in CA with the BEST bento deals. I bought three two-tiered boxes with matching belts, a square box, some toothpicks (for make kababobs), some paper grass (for keeping items separate), and some small condiment bottles. (If anyone knows where I can get a pipette please let me know!). All that for about $12!!! Lunches are going to be sooooo much easier to take! Just check out the Bento Group on Flickr to see some AWESOME bento ideas!
Here is a pic of my loot!

Then today I received an even better package- my Usborne book order!! Aside from getting my customer's books I also got Gabby and AJ's books... a LOT of them! (Did I mention that being a consultant totally ROCKS out?) Let's just say that I spent very little to get all these and my girls are sooooo excited to have new books to look at!

And last, here is a pic of my girls... digging in the pool! Gotta love their imagination!

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