Thursday, June 18, 2009

Real Simple

I love watching people's expressions when I walk through the zoo, a store, anywhere really toting 3 toddlers and 2 preschoolers along. I am not yelling, 99% of the time no children are crying, and everyone is having a good time. The only mildly stressful time is lunch time. Nothing like trying to prepare food for 5 hungry, tired, whiney kids. One of which (usually AJ) is hanging on my leg in the kitchen begging for scraps. Oye!

In comes my savior- the Muffin Pan. Yes, this wonderful pan does not cook muffins in this house. Instead it holds a wide variety of fruits, veggies, breads, crackers, and even the occasional cookie. It is so much easier to chop up some thick pieces of meat, cut up some fruit, and just let the kids pick what they want to eat.
Simple huh?

Here are some other sites that sing the praises of this creative way to feed lunch:
Make and Take
Sycamore Stirrings
Muffin Tin Flickr Group
Mom to 2 Busy Boys


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said... it wrong that I want to eat everything in that muffin tin? How is it that everything looks so much more delicious?! :) Great idea.

Prasti said...

love it. great idea...and everything perfectly sized for little hands.

Sarah S-B said...

Love your blog!! It is so fun! Great colours & really interesting posts - definately a new fan :)

HeatherScent said...

Great idea! I do this with an ice cube tray as well.

Almay Alday said...

This is awesome! I can't wait to have kids and share this idea!

Leah Norris Anastasakis said...

what a great idea!! I love reading all the fun stuff on your blog so thanks!

Jessica G. said...

Do you ever do Muffin Tin Mondays? ( They put together some really creative lunches using a muffin tin!

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