Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nirvana has been reached!

If you want to buy me a gift (and who doesn't) here is a little wish list that represents my two favorite things right now- strawberries and Bento boxes. [please insert heavenly choir music here]
Now that I have to find a store to replace Ichiban Kan this may be my new mecca.... Bento Crazy!!! What could be better than this lovely collection of Bento boxes??? LOOOOVE it!

clipped from

Strawberry Candy 2 Tier Bento Box and belt set 6.50

Cram Cream Strawberry Stainless Steel Water Bottle 13.00
Black Strawberry Two Tier Bento Box 16.00

Red Strawberry Two Tier Bento Box 16.00

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I wonder if I can score some free Bento goodies for doing a kick ass review?? =)

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