Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tickets? Oh, yes, we have tickets!!

So we have been at the new reward system for a couple of days with simply amazing results so far. Gabby immediately understood the concept of the tickets, what they mean, what she can get, and most importantly what happens when she doesn't complete a task. And I can proudly report that we have had five days of perfect ticket earning!!!

No more yelling, no more pleading to clean the room or take a rest break (she actually NAPPED!), and no instigating fights with AJ.... now I just need to find something that will stop AJ from hitting, hair pulling, and pinching in the car!!

I know not all days will be perfect, but five perfect days are encouraging. And you can tell how proud Gabby is of herself that she earned all of her tickets. Love it!

1 comment:

Prasti said...

yay! sounds like it's working out great!

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