Wednesday, June 24, 2009

THE List 1.1

Round pancakes are soooo yesterday! How about a pirate ship? ARRRRR! (@ Filth Wizardry)

I can't wait to try out this homemade hand scrub for myself.... sounds sooooo fresh and citrusy! (@ Craftzine)

Who has tons of cash laying around in this economy? Try these cute cheap date night ideas! (@ Small Notebook)

As if I didn't need any more ideas for cutting up pillowcases... cute apron anyone? (@ Betz White)

This pineapple chicken sounds soooo yummy... try it and let me know how it is! (@ Home-Ec 101)

I think that the kids will get a kick out of these DIY poster paints (@ Pepper Paints)

Don't feel like heading down to the pool? Try these cute and cheap sponge balls instead! (@ Betz White)

Watch out rainy days, I may actually have something to battle you now... (@ The Mother Load)

This decorated tape is so many things I feel the need to tape up now with it! (@ Ichiban Kan) (Pssssst....check out the adorable Bento supplies while you are there!)

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