Monday, June 29, 2009

THE List -Beta

Ok, I make these lists and all I center on is stuff for the family, the kids I care for, even my pets and Hubby. Rarely, like most moms, do I think about myself. So here is a list that I have been composing of things that I want/need all for ME!!!

I made this strawberry butter tonight and will cheerfully murder anyone else who touches it! Total yuminess! (@ Martha Stewart)

One of my guilty pleasures is laying on the beach, listening to a good playlist or audiobook. This book came highly recommended and I can't wait to try it! (as seen in Sex and The City)

I am such a huge fan of Dogeared Jewelry... this bracelet tops my wish list there! (@Dogeared Jewels & Gifts)

Usually you don't find chandaliers in bathrooms, but this one is so beachy, how can you not put it near the water? (@ Lily & Eve)

Yes I know it is summer, but here in Cleveland it will be chilly again before we know it. I really REALLY want this quilt for those frosty months ahead! (@ Hudson Quilts)

Since I am growing my hair out (with the help of an island vacation promise from the hubby!) I am always looking for cute things to put in it. Sure I could make some hair clips myself, but what would be the fun in that?! And of course these have strawberries on them!!! (@ Zomo & Bara)

And what would a wish list be without something Bento-y?? This set is my new love!! (@ Bento Crazy)

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Prasti said...

mmmm...strawberry butter sounds yummy!

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