Friday, June 5, 2009


I hate money, let me start out by declaring that. There are some things that don't have a price, many things that are over priced, and given the recent status of the American economy, money is simply overrated.

One of the big draws to me going to the West Side Market is that I get a chance to barter. There is a really gratifying feeling when you barter successfully. You feel like you got your money's worth and the seller gets the sale. Wouldn't it be nice if you could barter everywhere? This is what I imagine me in Target would be like:

me: I don't really think that those jeans are worth $ about we throw in two tee shirts as well.

Target-girl: Hmmm... those tee shirts are 100% cotton. I will give you one for half price with the jeans.

me: Neh, I know I can get those same shirts for cheaper at Kohls. Ok...the jeans, one shirt, and a pair of socks for $35.

Target-girl: How am I supposed to make a living giving you all of that? Those socks are worth at least $15!!!

me: Ok, well I will just go down to Kohls and see what they can do for me!

Target-girl: Wait, wait, don't be so hasty! The jeans, socks, and tee shirt for $45.

me: Give them to me for $35 and we have a deal....

Target-girl: Ok, ok, you win.

See....doesn't that sound nice??


Anonymous said...

check out, a bartering site dedicated to "A world without money".

Lrc said...

I agree...if only we could do that...especially at Target.

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