Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Berry Good Night!

Last night was my debut show as an Usborne Book Consultant and what a great time I had! I was a little nervous that a home business might not be my thing, but when I actually thought about it, this was the perfect thing for me. It is something I actually believe in, I mean, who doesn't want their child to love reading? And the company is one that is financially sound, doesn't require a minimum to maintain, and has books that I love to keep in my house. (Extra money for shoes and bubblebath doesn't hurt either!)

From the start it has been really easy to get into the business part of Usborne and I can't wait to keep booking more book parties! I got to name my online store and of course the name had to do with strawberries so I named it www.aberrybookstore.com! Very Connie-ish, huh? Anyone can go to my store and just pick up some books anytime- they make fabulous gifts and are not just for babies. And if you are in the Cleveland area and what to have a party let me know and we can have a great time- nothing beats free books for your little ones!

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