Friday, June 5, 2009

A list of random Connie-ness

1. I love cold, crisp sweater weather. If it got only up to 70 all year I would be thrilled.
2. I can't stand the bottom of my jeans being wet...kind of a challenge when you are only 4'10''.
3. I have a new found interest in tap... loved it awhile ago and am soooo loving it again.
4. I am mystified by technology....really, if it weren't for the hubby I would be at the mercy of hired Geeks.
5. I really love making my Etsy customers happy with my creations. Passing this on to your friends in the biggest compliment you can give me.
6. I am thrilled Klint has an interest in Buddhism and even reminds me of some of the teachings I have forgotten. It is nice to be able to talk about some of the principles with someone close to me.
7. Despite my rough beginnings I really do believe in happily ever afters and hope my prince charming does too!

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