Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dollar Store Crafting for a Rainy Day!

I found this doozy of a craft at Filth Wizardry and am running off the the Dollar Store first thing today! Sooooo cute and simple, and the best part is that it is cheap and will keep the kids entertained over and over again. Presenting the Shower Curtain City!!!

Simple as can be: Go to the Dollar Store. Pick up a shower liner or two, and grab some of those cute street sign stickers too while you are at it. Don't forget some crayons and markers too if you are out.

Now the fun begins!! Tape the shower liner to your kitchen floor and use a sharpie or other thick black marker to draw a city. A great suggestion from the original posting is to tape two markers to the side of a jug to make an even set of lines for your road- genius!!! Let the kids tell you what buildings to make and even throw in some common landmarks. Then let the kids color and decorate their city (this can easily fill a rainy day!) and when they are done it is the perfect place to drive their cars and vehicles.

Here are some pics from the original post:

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Bethany said...

that's genious. whoever thought of that is unbelieveable.

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