Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My new project

My hubby loves me, there is absolutely no doubt about that! I was talking to him about all my graphic design orders lately (yay!) and telling him that I was getting sort of bored with Photoshop. So what does he do? He goes and gets me the WHOLE Adobe Suite CS4!!!! Holy Cow!! This is the new version of everything from Photoshop to After Effects (cool movie editing). So now I am delving into the world of Illustrator for the first time. Whew! It is NOT as easy as I would have thought, being a Photoshop nerd. But I am learning pretty quickly and here are my first two pieces on my new program. I am sure I will be posting more as I learn new tricks!!

The tutorial for this cool project is here!!


Little Gray Pixel said...

Kudos for jumping in. Illustrator is my Achilles heel.

elsiee said...

hubs who know what we need (and then run out and buy it for us)- ROCK!! congrats and enjoy!

Rockcitydancer said...


Rockcitydancer said...


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