Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

Finally the sun has decided to peek out. Even though it is 34 out it still feels nicer when it is bright and sunny. I think the worst of AJ's stomach bug is out, although there is some ickiness remaining. 5 loads of laundry later.... =(
Today is a pretty good day though, all in all. I made my first plush pear from my own pattern. Super duper easy. Here is how I did it:

find some scrap fabric
draw a skinny pear shape
cut out 4 skinny pears
sew all of the sides together, carefully matching up the curves, leave a bit of room to turn it right and stuff it
finish sewing the side after it is stuffed, leave the top part open to stuff the stem in
cut out a leaf shape
roll a little bit of brown fabric for the stem
attach stem and leaf.... and voila! You are done!!

Here are some pics of my recently finished projects- my book pillow, a cool sock monkey- complete with strawberry on the bum, the pear, and my bamboo handled summer tote!

Now what to do??

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Love the book pillow. Everything is so cute. Glad to hear AJ is starting to feel better.

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