Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More things I love!

I have gotten a few new things lately and wanted to share the goodness with you all!

First off is a great site that is helping me teach Gabby how to write her name. It has tons of great free worksheets and makes learning to write fun for her. Go here to see what I mean!

We are so lucky to have found a great dog that is so well behaved most of the time and doesn't tear her toys up. She still has all the toys we got for her when we first rescued her! Well, I saw this toy awhile ago and knew that it was perfect for Spooky- it is perfect for keeping your dog busy and thinking. Better yet, there are other variations if your dog is as attached to the toy as ours is- a magician hat with rabbits, a bird house with birds, etc. Here is a good site to get it from!Nothing is worse than having your child sick and not wanting to eat anything. Last week when the "ick" claimed our house (all but me), I went to the grocery in search of popsicles and found the most wonderful new product- Slow Melt Mini Popsicles!! For some reason when I searched the web for them I could only find the full size Slow Melt ones, but believe me, there are mini versions that are perfect for toddlers. They have gelatin in them that makes them melt slower (or not at all if your kids are like mine) and are soooo yummy!

And finally, here is a cool and quick project for all you budding sewers out there- a simple Tea Towel Apron. Easy as pie and cute as a button!

I am sure that there will be more goodness heading your way, happy shoppin everyone!

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Blue Wings said...

That tea apron is to die for! I want to go make one now. Like... seriously!

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