Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mommies Can Be Trendy Too!

I believe that it is an urban myth that once you become a mom you lose your "cool factor". All of a sudden just because you are in charge of another human being you are doomed to wear "mom jeans", granny panties, and listen to soft rock. Ha!! I can't say that I am the fashionista of motherhood, but I would like to think that I have retained at least some of my pre-baby sex appeal and unique style.

Today while browsing at Old Navy I saw the most perfect dress for mommies big and small, pre-baby, carrying baby, and post baby. A dress that hides the bad, showcases the good, and is machine washable. I think it is even prettier in person than in the pics!And once you have the outfit you know other moms are going to want to chat you up... so give them one of your new Mommy Calling Cards from PaperRamma. They come in a cute little carrying case complete with a strap to attach to your purse!

1 comment:

teawithfrodo said...

those cards are a great idea. I've bookmarked them for when I have the baby.

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