Friday, March 20, 2009

Catch-Up Time + Some Award Giving!!

For the last month or so my life has been nutsy- we are in the process of selling our house, we have been searching for a new house (which was drama in itself), I have been teaching more dance classes, and then of course there is the daily stuff like keeping the house "show-clean" while entertaining 4 kids daily. Whew! No wonder I have been neglecting my Etsy store and the blog. Well be patient with me for another month or so and I promise things will get back to normal!

We signed the lease for a house today! It is on a lovely street here in Lakewood, has lots of great features like a new furnace (no more $600/month gas bills!) and central air. Plus a garage (we have never had one), a fenced in yard, and tons of storage space. Best part is that while we decided to rent for a year to catch up on some bills and such, it is 100% rent credit meaning that ALL of our rent goes towards the down payment when we decide to buy it. (love love love that!)
So, we are going to be packing up and such for the next month... let the madness begin!

I have been so slow about accepting some great awards I was given by a lovely fellow Etsian and Blogger- J.Leigh Designz! I am supposed to accept them and then pass them on to people that I think represents the meaning of the award. So here is goes!

First was the Kreativ Blogger award.

I would like to pass this on to:
Cartwheel Soup
Tea With Frodo
Southern Girl Rambling

Next is the Proximidade Award.
Here is the description of the award from J.LeighDesignz blog.
I know I am supposed to pass it on to my 8 favorite blogs,
but there are so many that I like.
So here are some that I feel are definitely worth checking out:

1. Autumn Olive
2. Belua Designs
3. Robot Love
4. I Love Plum
5. Here to There
6. Ocean of Creativity
7. Leah's Lovlies
8. Our Suburban Homestead

So there ya go... an update of my life plus some awards to lots of really great ladies! Now on to the packing, the cleaning, the painting, and the decorating.


teawithfrodo said...

I guess I forget I'm creative until people remind me of stuff...
like the time I made a flying rats ass.

Prasti said...

congrats on the new house. and how cool that it can be one you can purchase if you decide :).

and thanks for thinking of me for the award :). it's so hard to pick just a limited amt. when there are plenty of great blogs out there, don't you think?

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