Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Ick- Chapter 2

Well at least I had one day of non-ickiness.... the stomach bug has now claimed Klint and Gabby. Unfortunately when it hit Gabby we were sitting at the Nature Center watching a star show.... thank goodness I was with my friend Jess (my very understanding and tolerant friend!!). I rush with Gabby to the bathroom and beat feet out of there.
So now Klint and Gabby are on the couch, Gatorade in hand, watching Inspector Gadget. =(

Please pray for me that I do not get this awful bug.... please please please! (Somehow I think that it is inevitable though... even one of the kids I watch is out with it today....ugh!)

1 comment:

Prasti said...

oh no! at least they get to watch inspector gadget :).

praying for a healthy home soon and that you can stay away from that nasty tummy bug!

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