Saturday, March 21, 2009

Conquer Cravings! Tips from Yours Truly!

By now statistics show that most people have given up on their New Year's resolutions. Of course the most popular ones are to diet and exercise more. I can honestly say that I am keeping up with my vows to go to Zumba more often than not and to chill on the goodies after 8 pm.

In college I tried to get an eating disorder (apparently all the dancers are doing it!) but thanks to my supreme lack of self control and will power I was the ballerina with the loaded bagel and full fat latte. It is just not in me to deny myself yummy goodies all together. But here are some tips I have picked up to help curb the cravings when I am bored or upset.

1. Go paint your nails!
It is hard to eat with wet nails.... if the craving lingers add a top coat.
2. Brush your teeth.
The minty-ness will squash any food cravings for sure.
3. Go find your favorite pair of jeans and think about how sexy they make you feel.
4. Put on some music and dance! Can't eat and dance can you?
5. Find your guy and seduce the heck out of him...bye bye cravings for food!
6. Sure, you can have that brownie/ice cream/cake.... go eat it by your kids though
and you will surely have to share at least 75% of it!
7. If all else fails, call your best friend, confess your cravings,
and let her talk you out of them!

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