Thursday, April 16, 2009

Presenting Casa de La Krebs!

Here is a tour of our yet to be decorated new house!
Welcome and don't forget to take your shoes off!!!

First stop is the kitchen, complete with dishwasher and disposal! YAY!
(The wallpaper actually isn't so bad!)

Next we have the dining room which we are going to use as a playroom/office space.
The wallpaper is going to have to go, but that is for another day...

The we go into the sunroom which we are going to use as our dining room.
Clever huh?
Our table fits perfectly and I can't see a better way to eat then among plants and sunshine!

Here is our pretty living room,
there is a lotta wall where I am standing...

Now let's go upstairs... here is the view from the stairs!
It is a pretty big space, and I love the layout.

Here is the bathroom. I am glad to only have to clean one toilet now. =)
And yes, that is a door you see of those charming Lakewood quirks.

Where does the door go you ask?

a tiny little balcony!!
Just in case you want to dry off from your bath au natural! Hehehe!
It overlooks the backyard and such,
but this is the only way to get to it.
Interesting huh?
Then we have the master bedroom.
A pretty blue that of course
goes with none of the bedding we own!

Right across is Gabby's room.
Yes, my little tomboy chose the pink room. =)

And finally we have AJ's room.
A pretty khaki color and just the right size for her.
Another quirk about the house is that is not a closet she is trying to break into...
no, that is the door that leads to the full and beautiful attic.
Oh well, girlfriend doesn't have enough clothes to need a closet anyhow!

Of course there more,
we have a decent basement
that is not finished but not bad enough to give me nightmares,
a very cute backyard that I can manage,
and tons of storage.
But now you have been given the grand tour, welcome!

**We are officially moving next Friday so blogs might not be as constant,
all that I ask is that you have a drink and say a prayer for me! =) **


Melissa said...

Looks lovely! Good luck with the big move next week.

J. Leigh Designz said...

Looks great! You must be excited to start decorating!

Flight Fancy said...

How exciting, a beautiful new house all ready to be yours.

Prasti said...

cool! i love the little balcony off of the!

Julie Bylow Moor said...

very nice! I wish I had a big, beautiful house like that!

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