Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes, it is one of those days....

So yesterday, after a very frustrating afternoon with my children, I get a phone call from our Realtor. He tells me that he is pleased with all those showings, yada yada yada, but that the feedback he is getting from potential buyers is that our house isn't "showing well". Aka our house isn't picture perfect Pottery Barn and people can't see past the boxes stacked up or the cup on the sink to realize that they would be getting a hell of a deal here.
He told me in a very polite manner that basically it would speed up the selling process if we either get rid of our kids and animals and hire a maid or move sooner than planned. Being rather fond of my cat Tuck I opted to move a week earlier than planned. =)
So now we are scheduled to move in a little over two weeks. WTF? I have to pack up our two bath/four bedroom house in a little over two weeks?? YIKES!
Top it off with the fact that I still have to care for two other children along with my own, keep our house "showable" for the Realtor, AND try to maintain some normal schedule and you got yourself one stressed out mama.
So I am going to sit here, drink my coffee, and try to form a gameplan...on a good note: today we have someone coming who wants to walkthru a second time... wish us luck!


Melissa said...

Thinking of you, but I know you'll make it through it. Hopefully the 2nd showing will be positive.

wunderbug said...

yipes! that sounds like more than a little bit of a handful.

fingers crossed for you!

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