Monday, April 20, 2009

Filth Wizardry

I really am getting a kick out of Stumble! Today I decided to go blog surfing and with the first click found a blog that I was so impressed with that I thought I would share it will you all.
Introducing Filth Wizardry!

What caught my eye right away was the clean look of this wonderful read. No ads, no flashing buttons, not even a list of her favorite sites...just a clean lined blog. A very nice change from the normal blogs I read that can get too messy for my eyes!

The main focus of the blog is preschool crafts and messy fun. Just scrolling around I found cute ways to make tea towels into shorts and skirts for the kids, a new use for sticky googly eyes, and definitely a unique thing to do with preschool panties that are not worn out but don't fit. LOVE that idea!!

I think my favorite thing is that it is totally focused on kids, nothing but crafts, mess, and fun. Go check it out and tell me what you think!!!


Kitten Muffin said...

Hello! Thank you so much for saying such lovely things about my blog! It's nice to hear that you like the lack of list links and adverts, because I was starting to worry that maybe I was committing some kind of blogging faux pas (I've been at this for just shy of a year). I just can't imagine those ads actually bringing any revenue in from my small corner of blogland, so I haven't bothered. I might put up a short list of my favourite blogs in the future though, because people have linked to me and I want to return the love ;) Thanks again for coming by and saying such sweet things!

Jessica C said...

Thanks for that recommendation- holy moly, that's an awesome site!

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