Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Inspiration Tuesday

I am always looking for inspiration. I love looking at a blog design or a logo and thinking about how I would change it, what would make it more appealing to me, or what the designer did that is so eye catching.

I just registered with a site called StumbleUpon, which is a very cool site that allows you to rate site, blogs, photos, everything. Then they will send you weekly emails with site that they think you will enjoy. Today I got a list of some awesome sites and wanted to share a few with you, because maybe if they appeal to me they will appeal to you!!

I highly recommend Stumble for any of you that love just wandering about the web in search of your own inspiration. Think of it as a compass pointing you in the right direction, but not telling you exactly what you will find when you get there!

Here are some of my finds:
1. Ultimate One Color Logos- Fabulous site for logo inspiration, just great design, no bells and whistles. This one is my favorite.

2. How Long Could You Last On a Gay Pirate Ship- funny quiz....'nuff said!

How Long Could You Last On A Gay Pirate Ship?

3. TypeNow- tons of free fonts...I love the famous ones like the Adams Family font!

4. How to Make a Branch of Paper Cherry Blossoms- super cute, super easy. I love crafts like this...minimal supplies and a very cute outcome!

5. Wedding Favors: How I Gave the Entire Wedding Party Diarrhea- the entire store made me giggle from start to finish!

6. DontClick.it- Ok, this is my personal favorite today....human psych has always intrigued me and this website challenges one of the most basic of human habits, the Click. Everyone who uses a computer frequently know that to navigate around a website you have to Click around, that is, press on buttons to go to different places and see different information. BUT, what if you didn't have to Click??? Go check out this site and find out!!!

Oh and please don't forget to answer my poll on the sidebar under my friend's links.... VERY important! =) Ok, not really but I am curious about what everyone will say!

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kim* said...

wow i dig the chandy!

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