Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eat This, Not That Thursday

Here ya go all my margarita-loving friends, the awful truth!
(Now you know to ask the bartender to make you a fresh one!)

And what is better that a nice hot plate of Chinese food to go along with your Margarita-induced buzz?
Well don't pick P.F. Chang's Pork Lo Mein... it is the worst for you!
Go with some nice Moo Goo Gai Pan!
See the dirty details below...

And above all....
stay away from the local Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood
where all the cats are disappearing! =)

(that picture just makes me giggle every time I see it!!)


Waterstone Jewelry said...

Just can't do a Bloody Mary!

I love that book! We have the grocery store one.

J. Leigh Designz said...

OMG That sign is hilarious!

Jessica Marie said...

i'm going to pretend i didn't see this post and continue drinking my raspberry margaritas in ignorance :D

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