Saturday, April 25, 2009

Useless Humor- Everyone needs some!!

Sitting here after a long bath in a kick ass bathtub, a bottle of Arbor Mist (yes, I am a weinie and drink cheap wine), and the house livably unpacked... life is pretty good.
So I am back to surfing through Stumble and have uncovered another hidden treasure trove of useless, funny stuff. Drunk off wine, this stuff is even funnier! Here are some gems from UselessHumor.blogspot:

Idiot: "Honey, this is a win-win.
Either we get free power,
or we can sue the power company for any (unlikely) injuries I might get."

Wife: "Here just sign this........
I mean, birthday card, before you go up there."

Yet another reason why I am a Target-girl!

There is an unemployed editor somewhere responsible for this.

Strippers and children's birthday parties... a little something for everyone!


christa Baca said...

Connie! I can you send me a link to your book plates? I would love to see!

P.S. Laughed out loud when I read that paper advertisement- you are too cute!

livingglassgirl said...

These are so funny! Thanks for the giggles.

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