Monday, April 6, 2009

Back to My Shop

Here are some new products that I have just listed on my sorely neglected Etsy store. I am on Etsy almost every day, but mostly it has been all about promoting my blog and my design work as a whole. Thanks to a couple new sales I have a renewed excitement about my shop though and am working on more ideas daily.

I just did some new posters for a friend and that got me thinking I should add them to my store, I also have done some new baby announcement layouts, as well as started a series of birthday party invites.
I am trying to get this done now, before we move, since I am packing all my material craft supplies up. If anyone has any ideas on new products jot them down for me, I always look for new item ideas!!

Only 24 days till we move...yikes!


cabin + cub said...

i love the hippo card! so cute ;)

Rachel said...

You have some nice cards. I wish I would have known about them when my son was born a year ago.

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Two Happy Stampers said...

Your designs look great! I hope you do well on Etsy! =D

Almay Alday said...

Wow! Those are awesome! I can completely feel you on your countdown to your move! I just moved cross country a few weeks ago! Ugh!

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