Monday, April 13, 2009

Random Thoughts from Yours Truly

I am feeling very random right now....between packing for the move, taking care of 5 different design jobs, embroidering, and playing my new addiction Sorority Life on Facebook... random is where I am at!

Did you know that the sausage patty at McDonalds is 919 calories??? And that the Deluxe Breakfast is just about 3,000 calories? Yep, it is true! Needless to say I will not be partaking in this anymore... I do not want my kids to look like this!
***(I highly recommend to anyone who has the iPod touch or an iPhone to get the app called Lose It....tells you the caloric value of LOTS of food, fabulous tool for anyone who keeps tabs on their diet.)***

I decided that I really want a Kindle2 for Mother's Day. I read A LOT, love listen to audio books while I sew, and prefer to use electronic books since I have so many favorites. The Kindle2 is great, will read audiobooks to you, and best of all the books are cheap. (You reading this hubby??)

If you are a visual learner like I am then here is a website for all of you who are taking finals soon or know someone who is- Flashcard Exchange. What a great idea! I lived off my flashcards in college, (along with my Anatomy Coloring Book!) and think that this website is one of those great tools that not enough people know about!

Ummm...let's see... what else.... I am sure that there will be more, that is just what was going through my brain! Ciao!

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leeleeoh7 said...

I once had to do a project in a Health class about food and calories, and discovered there were something like 1000 calories or more in a medium milkshake from Burger King. Wowza. You never really think about the calories in most of what you put in your mouth, but that picture is a good reminder of why we should.

I've been looking into getting a Kindle as well! I love reading, and it just seems like such an awesome piece of technology.

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