Monday, October 26, 2009

Potty Time! Excellent!

So AJ has really started taking an interest in going potty. We had a really easy time of it with Gabby, she just trained herself one day when she was about two and a half. We really can't take credit for her success in the potty arena. But, realizing that are girls are so different, we decided to take a different approach with AJ.

First we had her practice wiping herself, a very important thing if you are a little girl! Then we had her sit on the potty when we went, so she can see what we do. AJ actually had a few successful trips to the potty this way. So this weekend we decided on Sunday to just let her go around in a tee shirt and undies, so that she can feel what an accident feels like and get the idea more of pulling panties up and down. (We did try Pull-Ups, but they are too close to diapers for her to get the idea enough). And what a day! In the morning there were a lot of accidents and I was thanking my lucky stars that we had hard wood floors. But, the afternoon was accident free, which I consider to be a VERY good indication that we are on the right track.

Later today, after nap time, we will resume Panty Time in Casa de Krebs! Hopefully, more updates to follow!


Prasti said...

way to go AJ! how exciting :).

i agree with the pull-ups (i've spoken to a couple of other moms who have had the same issues w/ pull-ups). i think it's just a whole marketing ploy by diaper manufacturers ;o).

Melissa said...

Yay AJ!

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