Sunday, October 11, 2009

The List 2.2

Fall is definitely here! Heated blankets and matttress warmers are on, hats and gloves were brought down from the attic, and serious preparations for Halloween are in full swing. Gabby is going to be a witch, AJ is a cowgirl, Klint is going as a Monkey Man, and I have decided to go as a teen vamp, inspired by Alice Cullen's look since I am now sporting this short do! Here are some things to inspire you this beautiful season:

Here are some fun and easy pumpkin carving tips if you have little one running about. (@ Sprout)

I don't really do e-cards... unless they are by JibJab! Here are their new Halloween ones and they are sooo funny with your faces there! (@ JibJab)

We made really cute foam hats for the 4th of July, here are some super easy ideas for ones for Halloween. How about a spider hat? (@ Make and Takes)

Why do parent's thinkg that they need all kinds of plastic crap to entertain their kids and spark creativity? Here is one take on natural childhood play from a very good friend of mine! (@ Our Suburban Homestead)

I have tons of scrap fabric lying about... I am thinking that this sweet scrap quilt houses would get rid of most of it! (@ Quiltville)

I love these simple paper pumpkin ornaments! (@ Hostess with the Mostess)

Finally, what cat doesn't want to be Jaws this Halloween? (@ Youth Diaspora)
My cats would kill me if I tried this though....


Melissa said...

Ooh- featured on the list- I feel so special! I love the super wonkey houses and the pumpkin paper crafts.

cappy sue creations said...

hehe to cool my cats would kill me in my sleep for it but oh it would be worth it. now I have jaws music in my head :)

Times And Chimes said...

My cats would NOT go for that, but too bad because it is sooo cute!


jiorji said...

haha i saw that before. And i second that cat would never let me put that on her. What do we do then do we keep adopting cats until we find one willing to play dress up? :D

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