Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Much Needed Breathing Space

Today was not a good day. Most days in my world range in the okay to awesome range. Rarely is a day as bad as today. I know some of the foul atmosphere was leftover from a little misunderstanding that the dear hubby and I had last night, I didn't go to bed a happy wife. And of course, with him working 3rd shift, there was no way to fix the problem, so in true Connie fashion I stewed about it.

Then there was today... a gloomy, chilly Cleveland day combined with two 2-yr olds who were at war with each other all day long. Throw in a cranky husband for good measure, a blow up fight in which both parties declare battle, and then a huge bedtime fight with said 2 yr old terrorist.... right now I don't know whether to have a good cry or go out and get some wine.

The worst part is that I can feel my temper brewing, right below the surface. I know that I can have a wicked and vile temper when provoked and I also know that on days like today when I am so wound it is really hard to control my temper, especially with AJ who has the gift of knowing when I am on the verge of a breakdown and goes for the kill. I have to use every trick I have not to lose it all and snap.

I am sure every mother has days like these... I guess they are just harder for me to deal with because I am so "up" most of the time. Sigh.... I just need to breathe.... and maybe make some good coffee.

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