Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Doing the Unthinkable

Today I started running... and knowing me and the fact that if I don't have some real motivation to keep at it I will wuss out, I started a new blog documenting the journey from now until June 2010 when I hope to reach my goal of cutting my jean size in half. Come check it out, give me some encouragement because heaven knows I will need it, and feel free to leave some running tips and tricks! Presenting Chubby Chick Running!!


Benjamonkey said...

I'm so proud of you! Lindsey and I have been running for a couple months and even did a 5k together, Let us know if you need a running buddy. You can totally do it. While I'm no expert, I did lose 60lbs this year (I hate to admit I had that much to lose). If you need any advice, encouragement etc, you know how to reach me.
I tried to comment on the runner blog, but it wouldn't let me.

cappy sue creations said...

Hey that is great. New adventures and finding a way to keep yourself in it. Thats what life is all about. looking forward to reading your updates.

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