Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swapping My Designs!

Have any of you out there in Blogland heard of Swap Mamas? If not and you are a fan of thrifty shopping and easy decluttering- this is the site for you!

Here is the jist of it: You go to the site, get a free page, list everything you have to swap and also everything you are looking for. You join some groups for fun that interest you, then people come to your page, check out your stuff and make you offers. You also go to their page to see what you want from them. It is totally money free and runs with the idea that "one man's trash is another man's treasure"!

Anyhow, I joined a month or two ago and am a complete addict. Seriously, I live on this site once the kids go down for bedtime! Well since I don't really have anything material to trade I decided to barter my lovely design work for some awesome bags, clothes, books, quilt... lol! And somehow, after creating a notepad to keep track of all my trades, I caught the eye of Queen Swap Mama herself- yay!

So now I am officially designing some items for Swap Mamas... swapping of course, for some awesome advertising space! Fun fun fun!!! Here are some recent creations!

Seriously, go check this site out... it is totally worth it!

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