Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Seven Comforts

Seven is a lucky number found all throughout literature- seven dwarfs, seven brides, seven years, etc. After yesterday's drama I thought long and hard about my comforts and came up with a list of my seven comforts.

I love coffee... I don't care whether is a decaf or full strength as long as it is light and sweet. I live for the smell of the ground up beans, the pre-doctored look of it in my cup, and the swirling clouds of the creamer rising to the surface. My husband jokes that it looks like I am sipping my sanity from a starbucks mug everyday!

Nora Roberts
I swear by anything that this woman write. Although I haven't delved into her murder mysteries, I would believe that these are just as good as her romance novels. There are some authors that just have the gift of storytelling and Nora Roberts has it. Whether she is writing about vampires, irish fairy princes, or a mysterious chance meeting these novels will make your forget your worries, no matter how big.

Ballet Flats
I am picky about what goes on my feet and I refuse to wear heels even though I am under 5 ft. I love the variety that ballet flats offer and the comfort. The go with jeans, skirts, and cords.... love them!!

Salsa Music
How can anyone be sad, mad, or depressed with this music blaring? Nuff said!

Bubble Baths
I don't know who said it, but someone once said that a bubble bath can soak away all your troubles. And I am not talking about those wimpy bubbles....I am talking mounds of huge, never ending, fluffy white bubbles. Want to know the best bubble bath I have found? Cashmere Luxury bubble bath from Bath & Body Works. Nothing compares.

Down Comforter
I love the feeling of sinking into a nice warm bed. I adore my down comforter because if you lay on it in the summer it is cool on top, but if you lay under it you will be toasty warm. When I was little I used to imagine that the comforter was made of clouds... and now that I am older I know that they are! =)

and finally...
a trip to the salon
When life gets a little rough, go get a shampoo, cut, and style. Even if it is only a trim you will feel so much better for it. For me there is nothing better than feeling pampered by someone else, venting my life story, and getting a new and improved look. Today, considering yesterday's events, I did a little more than a trim... I got a total pixie chop! Yeah... I went this short! But man oh man do I feel better!

So what are some of your comforts?

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